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II. Prayers, Shema & Blessings

Nishmat kol chay teverech at sh'mech Nishmat ha'Olam
Every living soul will bless your name, Soul of the Universe. And the souls of all living will praise and exalt and always remember the Mother of All Living, in whom we all are exalted. For ever and ever you are our Goddess who sees us, helps us, and sustains us in times of trouble and who brings us success.

You are the first and the last, Creator, Mother of All, with us through all generations; You guide us with compassion and loving kindness.

She who neither slumbers nor sleeps wakes those who sleep, gives speech to the speechless, frees the enslaved, keeps the unsure from falling, and straightens the crooked. To Her we give thanks.

To She Who Treads on the Sea - - Asherah dorechah haYam - - we would sing the wondrous song of the sea, our tongues rippling with joy like the waves, our lips open wide as the sky, our eyes bright as the sun and moon, our arms and hands spread like eagles' wings, our legs swift as gazelles.

Yet still would we praise you more, our Goddess and Goddess of our ancestors, for all you have done for us and for our ancestors, and for bringing us close, and staying with us.

You have been with us through slavery, Goddess of Freedom. You have helped us overcome oppression in many lands and continue to help us be free. So let us help our sisters and brothers overcome oppression and achieve freedom. Mother of All, as you have fed us, may we feed the hungry. As you have made our lives plentiful, may we sustain abundance for all. As you have protected us from war and disease, may we protect the Earth and act for peace and good health for all.

Your mercy continues and your kindness is with us always. Great Goddess, be with us forever.

We and all creation grew in your womb; from you are we born. With our limbs, tongues, mouths, and entire bodies, and with our spirits and souls, we thank, bless, praise, exalt, worship, and make holy your name, and in you are we blessed, exalted and made holy. And we will sing with you forever and ever.

Of She who is eternal and holy it is written: "Happy are they who find Wisdom and Understanding. For gains from Wisdom are worth more than gains from silver and gold. She is more precious than rubies. Length of days is in her right hand, and riches and honor in her left hand. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. She is a Tree of Life to those who grasp her, and happy are those who keep her." (Proverbs 3:18)

All righteous people honor Her and those who bless Her are blessed and made holy. As we gather, it is our joy to glorify Her name, our Mother and Mother of all generations, and to praise, honor, adorn, bless, and exalt She who is our Goddess and in whom we are honored, blessed, and exalted.

Along with Solomon, son of Bathsheba and David, may we sing praises to Wisdom and to all her Holy Names forever.

You are great and holy in heaven and Earth, our Goddess, and Goddess of our ancestors; let us praise you, sing to you, and glorify you. We bless you and thank you now and for eternity.

Mother of All, Great Goddess of Gratitude, whose wonders are unending, whose love is manifest in singing and who loves the music of our songs, Great Goddess, Creator of all worlds, may you be with us, and us with you, now and always.

Song: How Lovely It is (Melody: Hine Ma Tov-Round) adapted by Judith Laura
[Some groups may also sing the traditional Hebrew]
How lovely it is when all people speak of Her peace and freedom (2x)
How lovely it is when we all meet together. (2x)

Half Kaddish
[We follow tradition here and say this in the traditional Aramaic:]

Yitgadal veyitkadash shemeh rabah - - (Amen.)
–be'almah di verah chir'uteh veyamlich malchuteh, bechayechon uv yomechon uvechayey dechol bet yisroel ba'agalah uvizman kariv. Ve'imru "Amen."

Yehai shemai rabah mevarach le'alam ul'almai almayah

Yibarach veyishtabach veyitpa'ar veyitromam veyitnaseh veyit'hadar veyit'aleh veyhit'halal shemeh dekedushah, berich hu.

Le elah min kol birchatah veshiratah tushbechatah da'amiran be'almah. Ve'imru: "Amen."

Call To Prayer

Barechu et Asherah hamevorechet.
Let us bless She who is the blessed one.

First Blessing Before Shema

Beruchah Asherah hamevorechet le'olam va'ed
Bless She who is blessed forever and ever.

Blessed be She who is Goddess of the Universe, who gives birth to all, who creates light and dark, and with whom we create peace.

All creation will thank you, praise you, and say:

Ein kedoshah kaKedoshah
None is as holy as Goddess.

All creation will exalt you, Selah, Creator of All, in whom we are exalted.

The Goddess creates continually in overflowing love. She opens dawn's gates and parts the curtains of the sky. As the sun, She rises from her couch and as the moon from her bed. She is the light of the world and of all creation.

She who with love lights the Earth and we who live here, is our Great Mother who renews creation each day forever. Since ancient times has She been with us, whole and holy.

Eternal Goddess who gave birth to the Universe, may we always share in your abundant love. Be the source of our strength and the rock of our refuge; protect and shelter us. You flow through all and you encompass all. Be with us while we are on this Earth, and may we be with you in the World to come. You are All, and all exist in you. You are with us in life, guide us through death, and stay with us in all lives to come.

Song: Mother of All
by Judith Laura
(Melody: "Adon Olam")
Mother of All
O Womb Divine
Whose spiral spins
Through all of time
Be with us now
and never part
Forever dwell here in my heart.
She is the Source,
the mystery deep,
inspiring song,
protecting sleep.
From Her we come
to Her return.
None greater is
than She who lives.

(repeat 1st verse)

Goddess Who Gives Birth
Our Great Mother gives birth to all that is, has been, and shall be, for She is all creation. In her great double spiral She spins all life.

And as She rested on the bank of the great river, all the stars of the Universe shimmered in her hair. Between her thighs ebbed and flowed all the waters of Earth. In Her right hand She held the Sun and in her left, the Moon. And when She touched the Moon to her breast, Earth's sister planets flowed from them, as did all in the Milky Way.

From Her double spiral all that lives evolved, from forms of a single cell to those of many cells; from that which grows in the earth or swims in the ocean to that which walks on the earth or flies in the sky. And she has placed within each living thing Her double spiral of life, that all might know that She is the Source of all life.

We Bless the Holy One
We bless the Holy One, our rock and strength, Mother who birthed the holy ones. We bless Asherah, of whom it was written in ancient days: She birthed 70 sons.

May your name be praised forever, our Mother, who gives birth to life forms in all worlds including us here and those with you in the spirit world.

With those who attend her in the spirit world, and with those in all realms of the universe, we declare aloud in awe the words of the Living Divine.

She loves all creation and all created are pure, empowered, and attend her in awe. In holiness and purity, they honor and adore her with songs and chants of blessings and praise. The name of the Goddess is great and awesome - - for her name is Holy. With serenity, clarity, and holy song, all creation declares the Mother of All is holy, and we declare in awe:

Kedoshah, kedoshah, kedoshah, haKedoshah
melo kol ha'eretz Shekhinah.

Holy, holy, holy is the Holy One.
The whole earth is filled with Her glory.

And the holy beings in all realms give praise, saying:

Beruchah gedulat Asherah Shekhinah
Blessed is the grandeur of She who flows through all.

They bring music to the blessed Goddess, to the living, abiding, enduring Goddess. Their songs praise her, for in Her we accomplish great things, create new ideas and inventions, heal the sick, prevail in righteousness, and show the way to peace. It is She who brings miracles through us, and renews her creation each day. As the Psalm says, "To the one who makes great lights, whose great kindness lasts forever."

With our Goddess, may we make new light.

Beruchah at Asherah yoledet ham'orot.
Blessed is She who gives birth to the lights.

Second Blessing

Great is your love for us, Great Goddess, you have shown us the greatest compassion. Our Mother, our Creator, in memory of our ancestors who trusted you and whom you taught about life, we trust in your kindness and teachings. Loving Mother, in your kindness may our hearts grasp, understand, observe, listen, and learn, and may we teach, perform, and fulfill every word of your teachings with love.

Shema Yisroel: Adonai Eloheynu, Adonai Echud.
Hear O Israel: The Lord our God, The Lord is One]
Shema Yisroel: Asherah Elohataynu, Asherah Shlemah
Harken descendants of ancient tribes: She is Our Goddess, She is whole.

Beruchah Avodah; gedulat havayatah le'olam va'ed.
Blessed is the Work; the grandeur of her being is eternal.

You shall love the Divine with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might. And the knowledge given to you this day shall be in your heart. And you shall teach it to your children, and you shall speak of these teachings when you sit in your house, when you walk outside, when you lie down and when you arise. You shall declare these teachings openly and display the signs and symbols of the Divine for all to see.

We love our Goddess as she loves us. Like a mother, she has nurtured the earth and sent rain at the right time and warmth of the sun so the crops might grow. She has ensured a plentiful harvest so that we have enough to eat and drink. In gratitude we accept our obligation to protect the Earth so that it may continue to flower and bear fruit; so that the rain will remain a pure nourishment, the sun will shine in a way that nurtures not harms, and the air will be pure to our breath and will sustain us. We will protect the portion of Earth we live on, and we will strive to protect the entire Earth, so that our children may inherit a world filled with the milk and honey that flows from the Mother of Earth. And we will teach these things to our children, that our days may be many upon the Earth, and our children's days may be many, and the bounty of our Mother may flow to us and through us forever.

It is written that in ancient times, Moses told our ancestors to make fringes on their garments and to place a blue thread on the corner fringe to remind them to follow the Law not only by thought and prayer, but also by actions. So we are reminded today that we are obliged to act for justice and freedom. As She who is our Goddess feeds, shelters, and protects us, so shall we feed those who are hungry, house those who need shelter, protect those who are persecuted, free the oppressed, heal the sick, strengthen the weak, support the frail, and bring peace to the world. By these actions, does our holiness increase and are we drawn closer to the Holy One.

After Shema

May these teachings always be with us. They are beloved, admired, pleasant, sweet, noble, and good. May we always meet in perfect harmony.

The Eternal is our Mother; she protects us. She endures and her name endures. She shall be with us for ever and ever.

And the knowledge of the Goddess lives and endures forever and ever. As She was with our ancestors, so she is with us and with our children and our children's children. From all generations to this generation to all generations that shall be,

Asherah haElah -- Elataynu, Elat imotaynu - - Elataynu; Eim imotaynu - - Imenu; Haganat imotaynu - - Haganataynu.
She is Goddess-- our Goddess, Goddess of our ancestors - - our Goddess; Mother of our ancestors - - our Mother; protector of our ancestors - - our protector.
You are our creator and the rock of our rescue who cares for us and saves us: You are eternal and your name is eternal.


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