Asphodel P. Long
"Snakeskin" copyright 1986 by Asphodel P. Long
"Villanelle for Women Travellers" copyright 2001 by Asphodel P. Long
For permissions, use contact info on her website:

G. Rayzel Raphael
"Modah Ani" copyright 1998 by G. Rayzel Raphael"Shechinah My Sister in the Wind" copyright 1987 by G. Rayzel Raphael
"Holy Mother, Shechinah Soul"
copyright 1989 by Geela Rayzel Robinson Raphael, Jerusalem 1988-89
"Each Day" copyright 2003 by G. Rayzel Raphael
"Kaddish: In memory of my father, Micheal Eleazar ben avram yehuda v'slovah. Mitchell Lazerous Robinson May 2002" copyright 2002 by G. Rayzel Raphael

For information about songs Rabbi Raphael has recorded for some of these and for permissions, visit her website at

Jane Litman
"Kulanu May-Elilah"
"Elat Olam," Hebrew adaptation (with Judith Laura)
For permissions, you may contact Rabbi Litman through

Judith Laura
Adapted or wrote all English portions of this service not otherwise attributed.
The passage "Goddess Who Gives Birth," was adapted from her book She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother (Crossing Press, 1989).
"Ashrey Asherah" music copyright 2004 by Judith Laura
And the following song lyrics from She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother copyright 1989 by Judith Laura:
"How Lovely It Is"
"For Our Great Mother Lives"
"Mother of All"
"She Gives Birth"
For permissions email "sab" AT judith laura DOT com (using appropriate email format) or see

Rachel Pollack
"Yihud" copyright 1997 by Rachel Pollack. For permissions, use contact info on her website:

William Wilson
"Shekina" copyright 2009 by William Wilson. For permissions, email


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Asphodel P. Long: In A Chariot Drawn by Lions: The Search for Female in Deity (1993)

Elliot R. Wolfson: Circle in the Square: Studies in the Use of Gender in Kabbalistic Symbolism (1995)

Jenny Kien: Reinstating the Divine Woman in Judaism ( 2000)

Judith Laura: Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: From Kabbalah to Quantum Physics (1997); expanded edition, 2008)

Judith Plaskow: Standing Again at Sinai (1989)

Lynn Gottleib: She Who Dwells Within (1995)

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