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VI. Concluding Songs & Prayers

Song: She Gives Birth (Melody: Ein Keloheinu)
by Judith Laura

She gives birth to all that lives.
Her spiral spins though all that is.
She is our creator.
She is our sustainer.

Who gives birth to all?
Whose is the spiral?
Who is our creator?
Who is our sustainer?

Thanks be to She who is - -
whose spiral spins through all that lives.
Thanks to our creator.
Thanks to our sustainer.

Blessed be the dark night.
Blessed be the new light.
Blessed our creator.
Blessed our sustainer.

You give birth to all that lives.
Your spiral spins through all that is.
You're our creator.
You're our sustainer.

Song: Ein Keloheynu (adapted)

Ein keloheynu
Ein kadoneynu
Ein k'malkeynu
Ein k'moshi'eynu

Mee kelataynu?
Mee kasherataynu?
Mee kimenu?
Mee k'shekhinataynu?

Nodah lelataynu
Nodah lasherataynu
Nodah limenu
Nodah l'shekhinataynu

Beruchah Elataynu
Beruchah Asherataynu
Beruchah Imenu
Beruchah Shekhinataynu

At hee Elataynu
At hee Asherataynu
At hee Imenu
At hee Shekhinataynu


We pledge to praise the Mother of All who gave birth to all creation in her grandeur. We are each born as individuals yet interwoven with one another. There is none other like us on Earth, nor can we replace one another. Yet our lives and our futures are connected, one to the other.

[The folllowing Hebrew is usually sung. It is traditional to bow at first word, and we straighten up at "Eim"]

V'anachnu korot u'mishtachavot u'modot lifnay Eim Hakol, Hak'dosha, Brucha Hee
We gratefully pay homage to the Mother of All whom we all honor, the holy, blessed one--who spans the heavens and flows through the Earth. She is found in the high places and her Presence dwells within us.

She is our Goddess. She is all. Our Mother is truth; nothing is beyond her. As it is written in our teachings may it be this day in your heart: Goddess is the Divine in all spiritual realms and in the Earth. She is all that is, there is nothing outside the Divine.

We hope to soon see the reunion of the Divine, and we trust that the time will come soon, when all aspects of Holy are united. For you, Goddess, restore the balance to hasten this time. And may the day come soon, when all are reunited in perfection and harmony, as the age of bliss and perfection is born.

Then shall all on Earth give homage to you and speak of you. For you shall be with us forever and ever. And we trust that it will be as we have received it:
On that day, aspects of Divine shall be reunited; the Work complete.
Bayom ha'hen yih'yeh elohim yihud'; Avodah shlemah.

Mourners' Kaddish
Yitgadal veyitkadash shemeh rabah - - (Amen.)
- - be'almah di verah chir'uteh veyamlich malchuteh, bechayechon uv yomechon uvechayey dechol bet yisroel ba'agalah uvizman kariv. Ve'imru "Amen."
- - Be'almah di verah cgur;uteh veyamlich machuteh, bechayey dechol bet Yisrael be'agalah uvizman kariv. Ve'imru "Amen."

Yehai shemai rabah mevarach le'alam ul'almai almayah

Yibarach veyishtabach veyitpa'ar veyitromam veyitnaseh veyit'hadar veyit'aleh veyhit'halal shemeh dekedushah, berich hu.

Le elah min kol birchatah veshiratah tushbechatah veneechematah da'amiran be'almah. Ve'imru: "Amen."

Yehai shelemah rabah min shemayah vechayim, alenu ve'al kol Yisrael ve'al kol yoshrei tevel ve'imru, Amen

May the Divine comfort the bereaved and bring peace and life to us and to all people. And as we say it: So be it.

Song: Elat Olam
(adaptation of "Adon Olam" by Jane Litman and Judith Laura

Elat Olam Asherah Eim
Beterem kol yetzirah nivra'ah
L'eit na'asah vechefza kol
Azai eim shemah nikra

V'acharei kichlot hakol
L'vadah timloch nora'ah
V'hee haitah, v'hee hovah
V'hee tih'yeh b'tifarah

V'hee shlemah, v'ein shenit
l'hamshil la l'hachbirah
B'li reshi, b'li tachlit
V'la ha'oz v'hamishrah.

V'hee elati v'chaiyah go'alati
V'tzur chevli be'eit tzarah
V'hee nisi u'manos li
m'nat kosi b'yom ekra

B'yadah afkid ruchi
B'eit ishan v'a'irah
vi'm ruchi g'viyati
Elat li, v'lo irah


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