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V. Musaf Amidah & Personal Prayers

[Some of this portion repeats the morning Amidah and some groups may wish to read these sections silently. They are bracketed in italics. We begin with a short silent meditation–whatever comes from your heart.]

1. Ancestors
Beruchah at Asherah Elataynu ve elat imotaynu. Elat Sarah. Elat Revka. Elat Rachel v'Leah, v'Elat kol imotaynu.

Blessed is She who is our Goddess and Goddess of our ancestors. Goddess of Sarah, Rebeccah, Rachel and Leah, and all our mothers.
[Goddess who is full of wonders, we approach you with wonder, awe, and joy. When we are good, you are good; when we are kind, you are kind; for all of creation flows from you and through you. You remember the good deeds of our mothers and fathers and you bring a time of great joy and reunion when all people again openly utter your name.]

Elah, eim, breeah, haganah;
Beruchah at Asherah, haganat Sarah.

Goddess, Mother, creator, protector.
Blessed is Asherah, Protector of Sarah.

2. Strength
Asherah chazakah le'olam ve'hi mekor kochaynu
She who is eternally strong is the source of our strength.

She continually brings forth new life, even from that which seems dead.

[from Shemini Atzeret to Pesach, add:]

You are the wind and the rain.

[at all times, continue:]
[In your graciousness, you feed the living and revive the dead, support the frail, heal the sick, and free the oppressed. We trust in you, and you help us arise from the dust. You flow through us, source of strength. You are with us in life and in death and you will bring us new life like the flowering of spring.]

Beruchah at Elah, Eim ha'Olam, mechayah hameitim.
Blessed is Goddess, the Eternal Mother, who brings life to the dead.

3. Holiness
You are holy, your name is Holy and the holy ones continually praise you, Selah. Blessed are you, the Holy Goddess.

We respect and declare your holiness as in the secret speech of the angels who declare your holiness. And with all spiritual beings, we call to each other and say:

Kedoshah, kedoshah, kedoshah, ha'Kedoshah
melo kol ha'eretz Shekhinah
Holy, holy, holy is the Holy One.
The whole earth is filled with Her glory.

Her glory fills the Universe and each of us asks: "Where is the source of Divine Presence?" And we answer, "Blessed."

Beruchah at Shekhinah ha'Kedoshah, zoremet el-olam me'eim hakol.
Blessed is the Holy Presence flowing into the universe from the Mother of All.

May the Divine be merciful and gracious to us as we say:

[Optional: Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad
Hear O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is One.]

Shema Yisrael: Asherah Elataynu, Asherah Shlemah.
Harken descendants of ancient tribes. She is Our Goddess, She is whole.

She is our Goddess, source of life, our Mother, our protector, who is once again with us for all the world to see, divinity.

"I am Asherah, your Goddess."

We welcome your return to Zion by saying, Hallelujah.

In every age we declare your greatness and holiness. We shall always speak of you and your name shall never leave our lips:

Beruchah at Asherah ha'elah ha'Kedoshah
Blessed is Asherah, the Holy Goddess.

4. This Day and Sacrifice
In ancient times our ancestors believed that they were required to sacrifice animals to the Divine. On the Sabbath two lambs were ritually slaughtered in the Temple. Our people no longer sacrifice any living thing, nor does Goddess require it.
Mother of All Living asks us to protect the Earth and all born into this Earthly realm and to be mindful of those given unto our protection: our children, animals that live with us, and all others whose lives are entrusted to us.

Our ancestors also poured libations of wine to the divine as part of the sacrifice. Today from this wine
[hold up goblet or glass with wine] we pour a libation to symbolize the blood of our mothers who gave us birth and to honor the Mother of All through whom all life flows and is born. [pour libation].

And we bless and name in our hearts those who have sacrificed for us:
our elders who set aside their wants so that we might thrive;
our teachers for all they gave and continue to give so that we and our children might learn;
our co-workers who encourage us so that we might succeed;
our relatives who nurture us so that we may remain close;
our friends who show us kindness so that we may love and be loved.
For all these and other sacrifices, not required but freely given, we give thanks.

And we acknowledge that we are called upon to remember our elders, care for the sick, comfort the bereaved, strengthen the weak, give charity to those who are in need, and accept help when we are in need.

[Our Goddess and Goddess of our ancestors, care for us as we rest from care. Make us holy in your teachings, and help us teach others of you. Your bounty fills us and we rejoice in your blessings. Purify our hearts so that we may bring honor to you. Thank you for the love we find in you, and thank you for helping us come together on this day.]

We thank you for the Sabbath as we say:

Beruchah at Kedoshah mekadeshet haShabbat.
Blessed is Holy One, who hallows the Sabbath.

5. Temple Restoration
[May She who is Our Goddess rejoice as we, her children, restore her to the Temple Service. In the Temple built by Solomon, our people honored Her, when the Temple was rebuilt, She was given a place. When the Temple was destroyed she was exiled with us, our Shekhinah.

Shekhinah, Asherah, Kedoshah, Elah, we restore you in our prayers and in our sanctuary, and we ask that you remain here enshrined, as you remain enshrined in our hearts forever.

{on the new moon (Rosh Chodesh) add:}

Goddess and Goddess of our ancestors, may our thoughts and words reach you, and may you look with favor upon us and upon the memories of our ancestors. As this month begins, we trust in you to help us when we are troubled, encourage us when we lack strength, crown us with achievement, and bless us with love and peace.

{at all times say:}

May we continue to witness your joyful return to Zion.]

Beruchah at Elah, Eim hakol, Asherah, hamachazirah shekinatah le'tziyon.
Blessed are you, Goddess, Great Mother, Asherah, as you return your presence to Zion.

6. Thanksgiving for Teachers
Goddess of Gratitude, we give thanks for the teachers who looked deep with the Earth and found you there. We give thanks for the teachers who looked deep within our history and found you there. We give thanks for the teachers who looked deep within our writings and found you there. We give thanks for the teachers who look deep within their hearts and found you there.

We are thankful for the gifts our teachers have given us: gifts of their time, of their careers, gifts of their money and of other material things, and for all sacrifices our teachers made to bring you, Our Goddess, back to us. We are grateful for the teachers who live with us now and we are grateful for those who now rest in your arms and who will live forever in our hearts. We name them silently now, and declare that their names are and shall forever be blessed.
[short pause while we silently name them.]

For all these things may your name be blessed and exalted always and forever.

Beruchah at Elat Todah, meviah tovah le'chayim velach naeh lehodot.
Blessed are you, Goddess of Gratitude, whose brings good into our lives and to whom we give thanks.

Our Goddess and Goddess of our ancestors, with these words we invoke your triple blessing:

May Goddess bless you and protect you. May her face shine upon you and grant you grace. May her presence flow through you and bring you peace.

7. Peace
May all people enjoy peace, goodness, and blessing, mercy, equality and freedom.

Barchinu Imenu lakolah ka'achat be'or Shekhinah.
Bless us, Mother of All, as one in the light of your indwelling presence.

For in the light of your indwelling presence you gave us the teachings of life and the love of mercy, charity, righteousness, with blessings of freedom and peace. May all people be blessed at all times with your peace.

Beruchah at Elat haShalom, hamevorekhet kol chai bashalom
Blessed are you, Goddess of Peace, who blesses us with peace.


Elah, Asherah, Eim Olam
Thank you for keeping me alive to this day.
When I was a child, the Divine was always called, "he."
When I was a teen, they told me menstruating women couldn't set foot on the bimah.
When I was a young woman, they told me I couldn't be counted in a minyan for prayers after my mother died.
When I began singing songs to you, Goddess, women couldn't be ordained as rabbis or cantors.
But now we call you Divine and in most places our praying is counted.
Now we stand on the bimah and we honor our bleeding as sacred.
Now with glad hearts we sing to you Goddess, Asherah, Eternal Mother, in the language of our ancestors.
Elah, Asherah, Eim Olam
Thank you for keeping us alive to this day.

Villanelle for Women Travellers
by Asphodel P. Long

Dear women who have made the pilgrimage
To far off lands to seek Her mystery
And teach yourselves your own sweet heritage,
And meet Her, new found, with Her your life engage
In temples, caves, and ancient masonry
Dear women who have made the pilgrimage
Who seek to understand the old language
Wiped from our souls with such ferocity
But never lost , and now bright upon the page
As banners fly with Her immense image
On hill and tower, they shake triumphantly-
Dear women who have made the pilgrimage
Dance sing and shout for joy, regain the stage
For women everywhere in slavery
Help them find Her in all their righteous rage.
Bless all who work to build the Goddess Age
Who mark the path of our own life's journey,
Dear women who have made the pilgrimage
To far off lands to seek Her mystery.

Kaddish: In Memory of My Father
by G. Rayzel Raphael

Yitgadal v'yitkadash shmay raba
I integrate your legacy,
Treasure your memory
What I have learned from you
I'm left with your love.

I come to you in grief
Walk in humility
Grateful you have been with me
I lift in your love

We rise to praise Your name
All our waking days
Where You have guided us
We walk in Your love

Create a path for peace
to live in harmony
for us and all the world
Bless us with love.

Yitgadal veyitkadash shemeh rabah - - (Amen.)
- - be'almah di verah chir'uteh veyamlich malchuteh, bechayechon uv yomechon uvechayey dechol bet yisroel ba'agalah uvizman kariv. Ve'imru "Amen."
- - Be'almah di verah cgur;uteh veyamlich machuteh, bechayey dechol bet Yisroel be'agalah uvizman kariv. Ve'imru "Amen."

Yehai shemai rabah mevarach le'alam ul'almai almayah

Yibarach veyishtabach veyitpa'ar veyitromam veyitnaseh veyit'hadar veyit'aleh veyhit'halal shemeh dekedushah, berich hu.

Le elah min kol birchatah veshiratah tushbechatah veneechematah da'amiran be'almah. Ve'imru: "Amen."

Titkabel tzelot'hon uva' ut'hon dechol bet Yisrael kodam avuhon di vishmayah ve'imu, Amen.

Yehai shelemah rabah min shemayah vechayim, alenu ve'al kol Yisrael ve'al kol yoshrei tevel ve'imru, Amen
May the Divine bring peace and life to us and to all people. And as we say it: So be it.


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