A Goddess Sabbath
 Morning Service

by Judith Laura and Friends

This Service grew out of discussions on the mailing list, Asherah. It was also inspired by material in books and on websites listed here.

The English adaptation and original writing is by Judith Laura, unless otherwise noted. Many thanks to Rabbi Jill Hammer and Rabbi Jane Litman for their leadership and patience in the collaborative and ongoing Hebrew translation/transliteration effort (any mistakes are Judith's not theirs).
There is no standard way to transliterate Hebrew into English. We have tried to use somewhat the same transliterative style throughout, but in some cases we have kept the transliteration the way the individual author wrote it.

This Service is ęcopyright 2005 by Judith Laura, except that other contributors of songs, poems and prayers retain all rights to their contributions. Permission is given for use of this Service in actual ritual/liturgy, but individual contributors retain all rights to their work, including print and electronic. If you wish to publish, print, or to display on the web this Service, or parts of this Service, or if you wish to use this Service or parts of this Service for any use other than actual ritual/liturgy, then you must obtain permission from the copyright holder(s). Please see the Credits for information on how to get in touch with the copyright holders of various parts of this work.

 We encourage the use of this Service, and would appreciate it if you would email us and tell us about your experience with it--or if you don't have much time, just tell us that you are using it. 

Thank you to everyone who helped, nurtured, and contributed to this work. All parts of service are listed here, but if this is your first time here, your experience will probably be enhanced by starting at the beginning and reading the service through in its usual order.

1-Preparatory Poems Songs & Scripture

2-Prayers, Shema & Blessings

3-Morning Amidah & Personal Prayers

4-Torah Service

5-Mustaf Amidah and Personal Prayers

6-Concluding Prayers and Songs

7-Credits & Bibliography